The Texas Gulf Coast Regional VOAD serves the 13 counties of Southeast Texas HGAC Region by coordinating member organizations and engaging with partner organizations in each of the four phases of a disaster:

  1. Preparedness
  2. Response
  3. Recovery
  4. Mitigation

While our members are not first-responders, saving lives during a disaster, our organizations provide services that help people get back to a state of living in safe, sanitary, and secure conditions.

Our agencies’ services include: 

  • receiving and organizing donations
  • sheltering and feeding
  • casework and case management
  • damage and needs assessment
  • counseling and spiritual care
  • translation
  • legal services
  • volunteer management
  • debris removal and clean up
  • home rebuilding
  • financial and in-kind assistance


Mission Statement:

TGCRVOAD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership based organization that serves as the forum where organizations share their knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle – preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. It sponsors and leads its members in the building and implementation of a process framework to help disaster survivors and their communities in times of need. To fulfill this mission, TGCRVOAD aims to foster more effective services to people affected by disaster through convening mechanisms, outreach, advocacy, and support through the application of is core principles.

How We Accomplish our Mission:

Texas Gulf Coast VOAD accomplishes our mission by adhering to the following principles in solidarity with the National VOAD:

1. Cooperation: creating a climate for cooperation, information and meeting together.

2. Coordination: fostering a common understanding and providing a liaison with government agencies, the TXVOAD and NVOAD; coordinate the development of TGCRVOAD policies and procedures and the implementation of services among  our members;  provide links to state, national and international disaster relief organizations.

3. Communication: fostering an environment of openness to promote regular information sharing and dissemination about and between member organizations.

4. Collaboration: Striving to establish shared goal, form partnerships, actively work together to achieve specific goals, and undertake specific projects throughout the disaster cycle.


The Texas Gulf Coast Regional VOAD is a member of the Texas VOAD and adheres to guidelines set forth by National VOAD.